Putting the life back in science fiction

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August 23, 2010, 6:27 pm
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Hi All,

Since I’ve been having fun commenting, I thought I’d make space for others to return the favor. As the title says, I’m interested in putting back the life back in science fiction, otherwise known as encouraging SF and fantasy writers to pay more attention to this world and to their own. My background is that I have a couple of advanced degrees in ecology, and I’m happy to field questions and discussions.

What I’m going to post here is what I’m missing in what I read these days, both in print and online, and what I like to see in literature. Feel free to agree or disagree. This blog is strongly pro-science. It isn’t anti-religion, anti-fantasy, anti-imagination, or anti-humor. I just think that most people suffer from the green blurs, and I have ideas about how to cure that. If you’re allergic to discussions of evolution or ecology, this won’t be a comfortable place for you.

While I assume that everyone’s an adult here and I value a diversity of opinions, there is a sun-blasted courtyard over there where I do experiments on troll postings. If your post disappears, it’s because I thought it would make suitable experimental material. And yes, the experiments are destructive.


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Welcome to the dark side of the blogosphere, friend. “Dunk tank”, forsooth! It’ll be a royal PITA to keep au courant, but one hopes you’ll keep at it.

Thanks for the article (posted #2).

– Chris

Comment by Christopher Hawley

I’ll do my best. Good to see you here.

Comment by Heteromeles

No, you’re not talking to the void; some of us really are listening.
Although we may not say much…


Comment by fvngvs

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