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My first interview
January 27, 2016, 11:04 pm
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Last week, I had a great Skype interview with Greg Moffitt, who runs the podcase Legalise Freedom.  I was curled up my couch with my computer in my lap to kill the echoes in my place and the tinniness from my computer’s microphone.  Greg and I talked for well over an hour, and the edited version of our conversation is  up  here (opens a new window), if you want to here my voice instead of simply reading it in your head.

I had a lot of fun doing it, and my thanks go to Greg for making my first long interview a really fun experience.


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Good to put a voice behind the name. The interview was quite wide ranging. I thought at some points the interviewer was seeing things through a British lens in contrast to your US one. That particularly struck me regarding the question of who was blocking changes, e.g. Politicians. The US strain of denialism is much deeper than that in the UK, infecting a large fraction of the conservative population due possibly to the echo chamber effect.

Comment by Alex Tolley

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